Friday, August 10, 2007

Carl Ocab dot com

A 14 year old blogger who gives advice about topics include blogging, marketing, search engine optimization.You have to read his blog to realize his capacity.His post on advertising will tell you a lot about planning your next as campaign.

Age is no barrier to the capacity of a blogger. He writes about the methods to get link backs in numerous posts.I wonder where he is headed at this rate..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Charles Lau dor com

Charles Lau is an Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Opportunist and Unemployed, writes his opinions and answers questions about Business, Life, Internet and Software.

He has made it into the third month of blogging. Some of his best posts are about online marketing.

You can also
Buy him a drink if you think he is a good blogger!
Now he is on his way to climp to the top for queries Charles, and Lau individually…

Hope he goes the right path to become a proffesional blogger.