Friday, August 10, 2007

Carl Ocab dot com

A 14 year old blogger who gives advice about topics include blogging, marketing, search engine optimization.You have to read his blog to realize his capacity.His post on advertising will tell you a lot about planning your next as campaign.

Age is no barrier to the capacity of a blogger. He writes about the methods to get link backs in numerous posts.I wonder where he is headed at this rate..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Charles Lau dor com

Charles Lau is an Author, Entrepreneur, Investor, Opportunist and Unemployed, writes his opinions and answers questions about Business, Life, Internet and Software.

He has made it into the third month of blogging. Some of his best posts are about online marketing.

You can also
Buy him a drink if you think he is a good blogger!
Now he is on his way to climp to the top for queries Charles, and Lau individually…

Hope he goes the right path to become a proffesional blogger.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ask Rea Maor-computer blog

A blog about Linux, windows and lots of other stuff.

If you want to ask him any questions you have to askreamor. He has been blogging from sometime (nearly five months).Some of his interesting posts are why linux sucks and lots of post about programming languages..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Buddy Blog

Blog of "a Cat of extream 'portance". Yes it is a blog of a cat.And a cute one at that.

It has started rather recently, lets see where it is headed. Anyway i thought its time to see what felix has been upto. I saw a post about faceplates. It is something that everyone who has a internet connection has to know. And since it is little felix doing the explaining it is easy to understand.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Get a loyal reader for your blog

The number of blogs now is more than 50 million.You can find proof for that here.It is very uncertain if people are reading those many blogs. Whats the point in not having any readers for your blog, if you want it to be read by others.

The blogspot blogs get seen mostly through blogs of note. The Loyal Reader(previously next blog neighbour) was a step in that direction. But soon i realized that the content of most blogs is not worth reading for everyone. So i thought of an experiment to see how many blogs will be ready to list their readers.This post is part of that experiment.

If you want a loyal reader for your blog, you can list your blog in the comments of this post. In any case, if i have been reading your blog..i will be tagging it in my simpy account. If you feel that i have been reading your blog sincerely, you can link to my simpy account using My Blog Reader or Loyal reader any other anchor text you feel like using.

Follow the following rules and you should have at least one Loyal reader
  • Blog regularly
  • Link to Loyal reader
  • Keep a check on your loyal reader by checking my simpy account (Drop a comment if you don't find any bookmarks to your blog) this is very important--i get shifted to other blogs very easily
  • I generally read 10 blogs at a time..Now i am taking blogs to read

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Make Money

This is a newbie blog with some ideas on how to make money. The blog explains how to make money using the forex. Some of the other blogs from the same blogger are about phones and Romanian poets. Take a look at the blog

He also discusses a few things like the North Korean nuclear test. Hope he goes a long way in blogging.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Felix's Adventures with the Internet

This one is a really cute blog. If you have got a kid, this is a must see. It has got lot of pictures and the write up is written by a child!!!

There are regular posts about the happenings in the life of little felix..It goes on describing how a child would see the world with wonder and joy. Every new object it comes across is as fascinating as the last one. Though the blog appears to be rather recent, i hope it goes a little longer and desribes the adventures of little felix..